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At home in the real estate industry, Guillemin Translations serves primarily investment companies, businesses in the area of asset management, property management and facility management, housing companies and housing privatisation companies, real estate banks, and consultancy firms, as well as builders and project developers. The added value we provide is stylistic localisation, that is, the customisation of a given text to reflect the language culture of the target audience beyond the mere translation.

Our focus is on close, lasting customer relations that allow for the gradual genesis of custom databases, glossaries and style guides over time. Guillemin Translation will also double as language lead whenever the position is vacant or non-existent on the client side, thus ensuring the uniform, CI-compliant translation of any web and print media.

Guillemin Translation uses TRADOS, the leading memory-based translation software. For you, this translates into a paying proposition in more ways than one: Word-by-word invoicing ensures that you will not be billed again for existing matches and repetitions in the translation memory. Text re-translated periodically, such as statements of account, will cost you a fraction of the original translation – if you return to us and reap the cash benefits of loyalty. Moreover, TRADOS will accelerate the translation process, as it enables us to include last-minute changes in no time at all, even with the job completed. Which can be more than relevant with press releases, among other things. Another advantage is the quality assurance aspect. Recurrent terminology and discourse, such as your corporate profile, will always have the same phrasing with TRADOS – if you want it to.

Guillemin Translations offers interpreting on the executive level, preferably for regular customers whose portfolio and services are familiar to us. Possible occasions include contract negotiations, conferences, presentations, press briefings, and trade fair events.

Guillemin Translations also offers one-on-one coaching for executives ahead of presentations, conferences, sales pitches, etc. Coaching sessions will seek to enhance the client’s sensitivity for the pragmatics of the target language and audience.

Adding stylistic value is the unique sales proposition of Guillemin Translations, in a manner of speaking. The idea is to give the translated text at least as much rhetorical effect as the source text. Whenever the source text is not meant to be used in its own right and time is of the essence, Guillemin Translations will actually phrase the text directly in the target language, using your notes. In addition, Guillemin Translations also offers classic copywriting in the PR and marketing area, as well as the composition of by-line articles.

Doing a good job with our own translations enables us to improve the jobs of others: Guillemin Translations will edit and proofread external translations into English or German and streamline the rhetoric with a view to its intended usage.