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Dr. Georg GuilleminThe world of real estate investments has turned global. German funds mean more than just North America when talking worldwide investments. Inversely, Germany’s real estate market has gained in attractiveness for international investors, and is undergoing a professionalization phase. Formerly neglected services such as facility management and housing privatisation have developed into growth industries. Because globalisation necessitates partners on location, and this in turn presupposes a shared medium for the communication between local provider and global player. And the global language in the real estate business is English.

Guillemin Translations speaks this language: Since 2002, we have been doing nothing but translating corporate communication from German into English and vice versa. While the language pair may be less than exotic, it is the most interesting one in the German real estate industry, and clearly the one most in demand.

What about the parrot in the logo? Well, parrots and translators each repeat words others feed to them. And like the parrot, the translator hardly needs to grasp the deeper meaning of the words in order to demonstrate his skills. This, though, is where the analogy ends, because sensibility for contents is precisely the ambition of Guillemin Translations. Only if we understand your business will we be able to excel at ours. Hence the focus on just one field of expertise. If that field happens to be yours, too, the shared experience alone would almost seem to make us partners.